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Exclusive events and promotions

Every month BOA will plan new events and promotions, in this section, you can visit all our activities and previous events, to get additional information regarding DJs, tickets and booking packages follow our WeChat public account and subscribe to our newsletter. 

Nico De Andrea
Saturday 17th Nov. 2018

Nico de Andrea will play supported by Ray.M and Tomasz Guiddo in BOA Lounge & BOA Club.

JIMMY’Z Monte Carlo
Saturday 24th Nov. 2018

Jimmy’z Monte Carlo

Friday 30th Nov. 2018

Skeez101 Pharrell Williams official DJ

Beach Party Volume II
Saturday 20th Sep. 2018

Beach Party Volume II arrives with many new DJs, dancers, surprises and much more! Celebrate with us the last beach party of the summer.

FeiRen Storm
Every Friday

Feiren Takes BOA storm every Friday to the next level of entertainment and music experience.

Magic Open Bar
From Wed. till Sat.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday BOA CLUB will open they doors with a magic open bar, 150 RMB only!

Friday 28th Sep. 2018

R-Wan is a French DJ and producer globally known in the electronic music scene with tracks such as ‘What The F*ck’ ft. Fatman Scoop and ‘Turnt Up’ ft.

DJ Doze
Saturday 29th Sep. 2018

Eclectic hip-hop night with DJ Doze! Doze is one of our resident DJs for all 2018~2019, available every weekend.

Saturday 22nd Sep. 2018 

Alex36’s DJ experience began in the 90s together with Spin and Roxy1. Then, he was the resident DJ in Taipei’s famous nightclubs.

DJ Kento
Saturday 08th Sep. 2018

From Japan, Kento is currently a resident DJ of Owl Osaka and he is making his way around the world for club gigs including Armsterdam.

DJ Fingaz
Friday 31st Aug. 2018

After the crazy first party with DJ Fingaz, BOA has the pleasure to welcome him again for one more hip-hop adventure.

Party Animals
Friday 7th Sep. 2018

BOA CLUB’s Animal party is just around the corner. Let your spirit animal loose by dressing up in whatever describes you the best.

Pillow Fight Party
Friday 10th Aug. 2018

BOA Pillow fight party is coming soon!!! Are you ready? Join us and have a big fight!

Love Night
Friday 17th Aug. 2018

What could be sweeter than Valentine’s Day that transforms your home celebration into a spectacular holiday event?

Cross Dressing Party
Friday 03th Aug. 2018

Since from the 1980s to the early 1990s, American nightclubs were active in such a group of young people who liked to wear exotic costumes in nightclubs.

Spicy Party
Friday 27th July 2018

What’s more, we have prepared some unique spicy cocktails, waiting for you to try! Meet you at BOA!

Don’t Be Shy Volume II
Friday 20th July 2018

Everyone has his own definition of what enjoying life is, but it’s a lifestyle that people are pursuing and longing for, be ready for a new adventure!

A La Carte Week-End
Every Weekend

Weekend A la carte is coming! All Saturday and Sunday, from 12 pm to 2 pm. We always here waiting for you!

DJ Remy Kersten
Friday 13th July 2018

He started to work on his production in the French Riviera, during his studies in a music school and Piano for almost 10 years.

French Party
Saturday 14th July 2018

Summertime is upon us and if you are anything like me
you are thinking about beaches, parties, and patios.

Beach Party
Saturday 30th June 2018

Summertime is upon us and if you are anything like me
you are thinking about beaches, parties, and patios.

Tech House Night
Thursday 28 June 2018

Tech House Ladies Night Special Thursday 28th June – From 10pm till late night.

DJ Fingaz
Saturday 23th June 2018

Born in Detroit and raised in San Diego, DJ FINGAZ has had more than 20 years of staying power in the industry as a full-time DJ and music producer.

DJ Shortie
Saturday 02nd June 2018

Dj Shortie is better known as an American recording artist. He’s considered to be one of the pioneers in hip-hop.

Happy Father’s Day
Tuensday 17th June 2018

The most special day of the year, let’s celebrate the Happy Father’s Day with us at BOA Lougne.

White Party
Saturday 5th May 2018

It’s been a long time that I haven’t talked to you guys, this time I’m telling you that after 3 months of preparing and adjustment, we’re FINALLY OPEN!.

Barbecue Brunch
Every Weekend

BOA has the pleasure of introducing the new brunch buffet + barbecue starting from 17th June 2018.